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9am Sunday School; 10:15  Worship (from 2nd Sunday in Sept thru May)  ..

summer worship is at 10am

(1st Sun in June thru 1st Sun in Sept)

Tree of Life Evangelical Lutheran Church


tree of life evangelical

Lutheran church council:

President:  Darcy Whitney

Vice-Pres:  Dorie Deyo

Secretary:  Linda Johnson

Treasurer:  Deb Morlock

Darcy Whitney, Dorie Deyo, Linda Johnson, Deb Morlock, Thure Fransen, Matt Kubinski, Sue Priester, Cindy Swan

 COUNCIL is Mon, May 13th 6:30pm

Everyone Is Welcome

Pray Ground at both sites.. pictured here is HT's


When writing checks out:

​make them out to Tree of Life Evangelical Lutheran Church

​  825 Forest Ave, Jamestown (716) 488-4235

 Pastor at Tree of Life

Tara Lamont Eastman 

716 969-3950

Tree of Life Evangelical Lutheran Church 


Administrative Assistant:

​  ILC:  Rosemary DiDomenico 


Financial Manager:

​  ILC:  Beryl Emley

 HT:  Jan Coleson


  TOL:  Eric Hester


TOL:  Roberto Castellano